Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Square

Hey Guys.... sorry I haven't been posting the internet at my house was down so yea...
Anyway I might be getting codes from Greyrose for a contest the very first on the stormed youth (maybe dont get your hopes up too high she might not like me enough to give me codes #Greyroseisthecoolest)

Anyway if we have a contest it might go a little like this...
I'm writing a story with my friend Galen Goldflame its called the square and the square is the twin demension to the sprial here's what i have so far

The Square, the alternate demension to The Spiral. Everybody has a Nobody in The Square. A Nobody is a type on humanoid made up of dark matter and their doing what your doing in the spiral but the only differenceis that their in The Square. Oh and by the way Malistare uses The Square as a prison, a harsh harsh prison he takes wizards that are a threat to him ans puts them in The Square. About half surivive the first DAY there. Half of those the first week and olny 5 before have survived a month and nobody before has survived a full year. Before we came that is. Dustin Griffinflame and Galen Goldflame the only surivivors

So there I might have you write some days (Cause this is Dustin's journal)

See ya Storm

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