Friday, May 21, 2010

VACATION, Concept Art of the Week, Test Relm Update, Greyrose, Contest! (A Lot of Stuff!)

Hey It's Firezilla! I'm going to Florida for a week so I won't be posting fo a week! Stormzilla might though, so she'll still be here! When I get back next Saturday, I will do an extra-long post with an e-mail fom Greyrose, Q&A, Updates of the spiral, and my usual.

While I'll be gone I'd thought i'd add a new segment on our Blog, Concept Art of the Week!  Here's May 23-29th, All the days I'm gone!

There we are!

A Test.Relm Update:

The Test Relm has reset and now Hybrids are availible throug mixing two lvl. 48 Pets! A few still don't work yet, and If you mix a danger hound with any pet I BELEIVE... You get a ghost hound, and if you mix anything with a sheep, you would get a piggle! :)

Anywho... Greyrose MIGHT send me a message via e-mail about Privacy Reminders for our careless wizards out there! ;) To make up for my absence!

And Lastly in this rather long post, We will son be having a contest with 3 top prizes! Send me your questions at and post on our website!!


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