Sunday, May 16, 2010

Radom Ideas from Wizard 101 Message Boards (Episode I)

Theese are some random but cool ideas from the Message Boards from!

h2ulgsyd- Music Idea:

I'm a music fanatic and I absolutly LOVE the creative music for wizard 101!!!! I really enjoy listening to it but the only down part is when I teleport to my house the sound stops. There is no sound but the rustling of leaves. It makes me feel kind of empty and I was wondering if maybe we could put in an option where you buy music for your house using crowns/gold.

If you share the same opinions please comment.
Awesome idea h2ulgsyd! That would be an amazing idea to be able to buy and play music at your house. We could even expand on that and buy music for the worlds too! That would be amazing! Great Idea!

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