Monday, April 19, 2010

Random info i've gatherd about random things and expantions from wizard 101 central

Well, Um this is a random post of random things and the upcoming expantions.

THE EXPANTIONS: This is totally random but if you go to the wizard101 homepage and look at Mooshu. Look at Mooshu's intro picture and then look at Celestia's "Sweet tabu" as Fire put it and do you see anything similar? yeah i thought so.
Also i've gotten a tip from my contacts at KI that Celestia isn't gonna be totally underwater just have little aquariums if you will. otherwise we would need scuba gear and i dont see any of that do any of you?

RANDOMNESS: Did you know that throughout the worlds the people at KI just take the smae monsters increase their health sometimes change their class and put it out as a new monster oh yeah they change their names but thats about it

See ya peeps

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