Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Why Wizard101 is AWESOME

Why Wizard101 is AWESOME!

In a word the comunity, I mean theres twitter (i'm on there thestormedyouth) People blog (like me!) Facebook (Things like the danger hound code) SEE WHAT I MEAN!?! (oh and btw Podcast like the wandcast and and Ravenwood Radio) The comuinty of wizard101 turely makes wizard101 a game like no other.

I Play other MMO's and really they are nothing, NOTHING, compaired to the comuinty and the just all around happy upbeat nature of wizard101. I mean in WoW you basicly just go around killing everything. In RoM its just like wizard101 pretty much they all try to get to the comunity going but they NEVER make it cause they just cant touch the awesomeness (not sure if thats a word but anyway if its not well NOW IT IS) of wizard101 its just a fact a sad fact but a fact all the same.

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