Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mutes, Noobs, Or People?

I'm sad now and here's why: I made another alt wizard and i was hanging out with my friend Galen (who doesn't have text chat) and some level 10 wizard called my friend Galen a "Mute" then i got all mad and he was all like "Well what are ya going to do about it Noob? Haha"
Then i was all like "Well yeah let me show you the real power of the Griffinflames" then i got Dustin on and the little level 10 wizard ran away and i haven't seen him since

But the point of this story boys and girls is that we should be more polite to others in-game even if they are weaker then us or dont have text chat its another human being treat them like one

*Note from Fire*

If you found this! Congrats! This is STILL happening!


  1. yeah i wrote the port in a hurry so i didn't have much time to say what was really on my mind. hehehe


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