Wednesday, February 24, 2010

MARLEYBONE and why i hate spiders and am now a dog person

hey guys sorry I haven't posted a lot latley i was busy getting the end of krokotopia and some of Marleybone now for the main reason i wrote this post

ok i just had to get that outta my system now for the other reasons i wrote this post

1 why I hate spiders. i've never been a spider preson but my recent adventures in grizzlehiem (yes i've been a very busy stormzilla) but now it seals the deal I OFFICALLY HATE SPIDERS, they kick my sorry little butt in those boss battles and so on.

2 Why i'm now a dog person. Marleybone is full of cats and i have a cat so when i get a quest to defeat cats i feel like i'm killing my cat its just not right and really when can cats and mice be in a gang togother whouldn't the cats just eat the mice?

and thus my recent lifestyle changes Peace out everyone!

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