Friday, February 12, 2010

Is it posable ..?

yo stormzilla here, have some questions that need anwsering (these are from Jared Soulstinger, Austin Mooncatcher and Jack Frost.) (no kidding on the Jack Frost part)

1. Why buy crowns? DUDE ARE YOU CRAZY?!? Why buy crowns? Well here is why because crowns let you go farther into the game into new worlds and streets and so on so on

2. Can a free player go into that one tower at the end of Haunted cave? Yes you just need a friend who has unlocked the tower i'm not gonna tell you whats inside the mystrious tower as to ruin the surprise but i'll hell you this bring a storm wizard for hit points!

3. Why do some players just say ... ? Now i'm guessing you dont have text chat cause if you have text chat those (...)'s turn into a lot of words

Thanks for the questions Boys! =)


Please, no swearing, rudeness, or other stuff you think could be offensive. Like seriously, use your own judgment