Sunday, February 28, 2010


yo wassup i'm bored today (just got home form a swim meet) and i figured from all the stuff going around i might as well make a little storyling to go along with it. Bear with me this is gonna be horrable.

Quest to go in: from Heardmaster Ambrose whatdoyagottodo = go to Lord Nightshade in storm drain tower and collect key (Drop rate from L.N. = 50%) then go to Old death gate (Gate to the left of stormdrain tower) and Open it (As you go in you see Malistare trying to release some sort of moster boss thingy you yell out and go into duel with Prof. Mally) (LOL) (if you win the moster says to you "HA puny wizard you shall never break Celestia out of my Grasp then he breaks out of the cage and runs away.) (from then on the door in the side of haunted cave will always be open if you lose you have to do it again)

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