Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Was Playing Wizard101 When......

I got some questions from my friends latley about some common quest helpers in Wizard101.

1st. from my friend Aaron Duskriver == he just started a new alt wizard in the Ice school he's not used to the weak spells so he is dieing a lot espicaly on friecat alley so i got my Fire wizard to help him. he asked... What are the best combos for the streets of wizard city? I thought about it then said... Unicorn Way== A Death/Life combo. Death for damage and Life for healing. Cyclops Lane== A Myth/Storm combo
Myth for minions Storm for damage and its the oppiset school for myth. Triton Avenue == I would keep the Myth/Storm combo this time Myth does more damage to storm.
Firecat Alley== Ice/Fire ice for the mega damage of Ice and the long lasting damage of Fire.

I'll get some more info for the islands of krok when i get farther in! later

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