Saturday, January 2, 2010

First part in the Dark Times Of A Dark Wizard saga

Hi guys ready to get this story started? Well lets get this thing on the road then!

Malistare/Mal Chapter 1 Thunder snakes and powerful peoples

Hehehe Malistare chuckled to himself as he watched the chosen one Dustin Griffinflame summon a thunder snake to crawl into his brother ,Aaron Duskriver's bed.
"Get outta bed bro we got a busy day ahread of us!" he yelled in his brothers ear.
Again Malistare chuckled from inside his hiding place. I must get the boy to use his powers for evil insted of good, Ambrose has already sensed the boys power so i must get to him first. Mal thought to himself, Silvia is there any doubt that i can't get you back now? he thought to his dead wife, this is gonna be good. As Dustin and his brother headed out into the sunshine for a nice day farming bosses Mal sliped out of his hiding place to go confront the boy.

Dustin Chapter 2 We leave Lord Nightshade for a little more terror.

Aaron and I had just finished farming Lord Nightshade when out of the darkness and mist of haunted cave rose a figure.

HAHAHA I'M GONNA MAKE YOU WAIT FOR MORE I also have to wait for my brain to think of more so later for now

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