Friday, January 22, 2010

Ode To Wizard101 Glitches!

Hey guys,

I have found some of my favorite glitches from Wizard 101.
Hope you enjoy i'll add some more tomorrow


Sunday, January 17, 2010

I Was Playing Wizard101 When......

I got some questions from my friends latley about some common quest helpers in Wizard101.

1st. from my friend Aaron Duskriver == he just started a new alt wizard in the Ice school he's not used to the weak spells so he is dieing a lot espicaly on friecat alley so i got my Fire wizard to help him. he asked... What are the best combos for the streets of wizard city? I thought about it then said... Unicorn Way== A Death/Life combo. Death for damage and Life for healing. Cyclops Lane== A Myth/Storm combo
Myth for minions Storm for damage and its the oppiset school for myth. Triton Avenue == I would keep the Myth/Storm combo this time Myth does more damage to storm.
Firecat Alley== Ice/Fire ice for the mega damage of Ice and the long lasting damage of Fire.

I'll get some more info for the islands of krok when i get farther in! later

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Tiny Chat

Check it out me and my friend duskriver made a tiny chat chat room it's awesome check it out and chat! Check it out my user name is griffinflame and my friends is duskriver he talks and i'm getting a mic soon so make sure to check it out and hang around

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Dark Times Of A Dark Wizard part 2

Dustin Chapter 2 We investagate Haunted cave and meet an unexpected friend.

"Come on Bro your lagging behind even with that broom!" I yelled back to my brother Aaron duskriver.
"Shut it!" he yelled back.
We were just done with our time farming Lord Nightshade. We had stoped farming for a little bit to meat up with some of our friends Chelsea Mythheart and Madline Lifeheart (and yes they are sisters)
"Hey Dustin!" Chelsea said as she and her sister came up the path to where me and Aaron sat, by the strange gate to the left of Lord Nightshade's tower.
"Hello to you to Chelsea," Aaron mutterd at Chelsea
"Oh come on Aaron cut her some slack," Madline said to Aaron "Dustin was her boyfriend last time i checked"
"Point made" Aaron said
"Come on bro the girls brought a picknic from the bazaar and it'll go to waste if we dont hurry up and end it's misery," I said with a laugh.
"I didn't know you could buy food from the bazaar," Aaron said with a slight smile playing across his lips.
"Yah you can if you know how to ask for it," Maddie said with the same smile as Aaron.
"Stop the chatter and lets eat!" Chelsea said.
Soon we were done eating and were having a debate over who would win in a 1v1 pvp fight. Sence Chelsea was level 37 and a myth wizard which means she could summon minions the winner would most likley be her.
I was wondering around looking at that one weird gate thing to the right of lord nightshade's tower when out of the mist that blanketed the ground of haunted cave rose a tall figure wearing all black.
"Malistare!" i said with a gasp "What are you doing here, I thought the headmaster banned you from setting foot in wizard city"
"I have unfinished bissness puny wizard. now i need to find a wizard named Dustin Griffinflame. do you know him?"
"Know him? I am him!"

Saturday, January 2, 2010

First part in the Dark Times Of A Dark Wizard saga

Hi guys ready to get this story started? Well lets get this thing on the road then!

Malistare/Mal Chapter 1 Thunder snakes and powerful peoples

Hehehe Malistare chuckled to himself as he watched the chosen one Dustin Griffinflame summon a thunder snake to crawl into his brother ,Aaron Duskriver's bed.
"Get outta bed bro we got a busy day ahread of us!" he yelled in his brothers ear.
Again Malistare chuckled from inside his hiding place. I must get the boy to use his powers for evil insted of good, Ambrose has already sensed the boys power so i must get to him first. Mal thought to himself, Silvia is there any doubt that i can't get you back now? he thought to his dead wife, this is gonna be good. As Dustin and his brother headed out into the sunshine for a nice day farming bosses Mal sliped out of his hiding place to go confront the boy.

Dustin Chapter 2 We leave Lord Nightshade for a little more terror.

Aaron and I had just finished farming Lord Nightshade when out of the darkness and mist of haunted cave rose a figure.

HAHAHA I'M GONNA MAKE YOU WAIT FOR MORE I also have to wait for my brain to think of more so later for now