Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Is The Strongest School?

Hey guys whats up? I was eating my breakfast this morning and i was thinking What is the strongest school? i listed the pro's and con's of each school below.

Pro's (good things) Con's(bad things)
Death school: do damage to enemy,heal at the same time Under powerd spells

Life school: HEALING, good hp also Not many really powerfull spells.

Myth school: MINONS, powerful spells Not the best defence

Storm school: Awesome attack ,Bad defence

Ice school: Awesome defence and good health ,Weak attack

Fire school: Third higest power lvl ,good defence,Not sure

Balance school: has a little bit of every school ,Under powerd spells

And with this chart I came up with this conclusion: the schools are equal or very close.


  1. Fire is the best, good defence, second highest power

  2. I don't know, balance? Storm? Maybe even death?
    The most awesome is Myth! :-)

  3. Ok thanks guys i'll make sure to add that. thanks! and don't be shy to correct me if i'm wrong!


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