Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Story Of Ravenwood

Hello peeps. welcome to my first ever Story Time! tonight we will talk about the story of Ravenwood.

here we go.

It's was a dark and stormy night and Merle Ambrose was planing on billing the 3 schools of the elements (fire, ice, and storm) as the olny kind of magic in Wizard City.
Then the Drakes showed up. Cyrus, Malistire, and Silvia Drake were at the time outlaws, practicing the magic of Myth, Death, and Life. They showed up at the headmasters house and talked (or dueled) it over and the next day the schools of Myth, Death, and Life showed up. This is now the Ravenwood we all know and love with olny one new school Balance.

I got to go i'll add more later

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