Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Storm House

Hi dudes i'm back as your favorite blogger (CLAP OR YOU DIE) lol jk!

This is my rundown of the storm house
Two word disrcrtipion: Storm hevan
More detial:This is deffinatly the house of a storm wizard the outside is under a constant hurricane and the inside though small is actualy perfect for a storm wizard who's on a small buget and doesn't need much space.Just to make the cozy little space a little more oh how do i say it jazzed up with a pet storm shark pet (he does like you he just doesn't show it) outside the bedroom window. All in all this is a pretty cool house that doesn't need much finerture to make it your own though small it is perfect for a wizad on a small buget.

Laterz peeps :)

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