Friday, December 25, 2009

Romor Has It...

Hey guys. Merry Christmas!
I just heard this It's romored that the peeps at kingsile at the same time that they give us five more levels are going to give us a quest to visit the gravesite for Silvia Drake. I'm pretty sure it goes as fallows.

First you have to complete the quest to kill Malistire Drake. Then you go and report to headmaster Ambrose about the fall of Malistire once you've done that he gives you a new quest THE NEW QUEST on the quest you firstly have to go talk/battle Cyrus Drake into telling you where Silvia Drake is buried.when you talk/battle that out of him you need to go get permission from Moolinda Wu to dig under the school of life to see if the place you talked/battled out of Prof. Drake is true. When you finally fine her grave you talk to the headmaster again and he sets you up to watch over the grave in case Malistire comes to mourn. He does.

Sorry i couldn't give you more info guys i'll try to get some more

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