Monday, December 7, 2009

Myth House

Hi again my fellow readers

I'm here to give you a break down of the Myth house

If you want a two word definiton here you go : TOTAL AWESOMENESS
well thats just for the people who want a TWO word definition for all you other peoples out there lets get into greater detail

Simply grand this place is awesome complete with a rainbow bridge, and a pleasent litle waterfall. Also who doesn't want their house stacked on the arms of a freakin cyclops carved out of stone! I'm gonna let some of this place be shrowed in mytstery for just untill you can get and see the real thig near the end of december. But i will tell you one thing this place will stun you it is simply magnicifent (still tring to get spell check for this blog)

anyway next up is storm wont that be fun check back tomarow for the storm house detial laters peeps

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