Saturday, December 5, 2009

It's My First Post!

Waz up blogger readers. I'm blogging about my exiperinces on wizard 101 the most awesomest game ever! I think i should start out by telling you a little about myself. I have 4 people you will hear tales from all of them

First and Strongest - Dustin Griffinflame lvl. 21 Death. Secontdary school: Storm

Secont and lifeest (dont know if thats even a word)- Edward Ghostblood lvl. 18 Life secontdary school:Balance

Third and coolest-Cody Shadowthief lvl.6 Ice secontadary school:Storm

Fourth and fireest(agin not sure if thats a word)- Flint Fireflame lvl.3 Fire (bet thats a shocker) secontadary school: ?


  1. welcome to the blog spot and all of the stuff on wizard101 I am not a blogger but I comment on most bloggers who have wizard101 stuff so here I am to say welcome.


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