Monday, December 7, 2009

Housing Recomanditions

Hi all my blogging friends out there I just wanted you to know that i disagree with the friendly Necromancers rankings on housing. Here are mine.

1: The Storm House its EPIC DUDE EPIC it's like your living in an aqureum (i've always wonderd what it felt like to be a fish:)

2: The Myth House It, like the Storm house is also epic but not as much. You have like your own zip code the place is so huge! :)

3: The Life House It's pretty awesome but I just dont like it (too much life for my taste lol) I mean it's good you gotta give props to the desingers they really out did themselfs on these houses.

4: The Ice House it's cool thats all im gonna say i haven't got much of a chance to lok around yet but when i can i will try to.

5: The Balance House A big part of the house for my is the big jugemant statue that comes out of the ground i think that its a nice touch.

6: The Death House I'm really sad about this one id of thought that the game dudes over at kingsile would have come up with something a bit more intersting for the most popluar school.

7: The Fire House This one i'm really mad about i mean come on how hard is it to make an awesome house and then set it on fire I do some designing myself and i got to say even an amuter like me could do better than what they did.

Now thats just my opinion when it comes out tell me yours i'm always open to change.

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