Saturday, December 5, 2009

Duo Of Death Awesomeness

Hey My blogging friends. I thought i would introduce you to my best bud and my partner in Death awesomeness.(drum roll please) ..................Aaron Duskriver (chirp chirp) You see we are both death wizards and pretty much the same lvl. I got to say its nice to have a friend who has like the same stats and understands your drive to get the next spell people from the other schools dont really understand that drive the you have. To sum it all up its good to have a friend in the same school who is the same lvl as you.

I also have to list the cons of having a friend in the same school who is the same lvl as you. For one we always are having a compatition to see who is stronger it gets trieing. Another did i say it before? WE ARE SUPER COMPETIVE I rember one time we both started sunken city at the same time to see who could get to grubb first (I won by the way)

Later my friends i got to go


  1. I agree on the comepeting part my best friend was a storm wizard and we always comepete against each other I am balance wizard both of us we were back and forth I won he won etc... we were always usually tied on wins and losses at the end when we both reached grandmaster we both went to our last battle the last battle of all battles and at the end I was the winner thanks to my judgment however it was close his last attack was triton. thank you judgment for saving my life and that was it I won my grandmaster battle the battle was very epic and awesome all of our friends we there it was a large audience we where hardcore they all new it was going to be good very happy memories ^_^

  2. Sweet althouh i must say me and aaron aren't as competive as you and your friend seem to be we still get down some times and i usally win out of the 50 battles we've had so far this is how it ties up. Me 30-20 Aaron 20-30 See even in-game I rule


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