Thursday, December 31, 2009


Hi guys,

My Bro ,aaron duskriver, gave me this great idea about the story (check comments on the BOERD post to see what his idea is) so i'm gonna give you a little taste of what it's gonna hold then go on to other news

Dark Times Of A Dark Wizard: Part one.

He he he. Malistire Drake chuckled from his hiding place as he saw the chosen one , Dustin Griffinflame , summon a lighting snake to crawl into his brother , Aaron Duskriver's bed.
It was a waste really. Dustin useing his powers that he didn't even know he had on his dimwitted little brother. "I promise Silvia I will get him to use his powers for the sake of evil Silvia I will" then Malistire climbed out of his hidding spot to go talk to the young wizard.

Now for other news you can now find me on tiwtter at @thestormedyouth

ok thats all peoples let me know what you think about the dark times saga later!

Monday, December 28, 2009


Hey guys I'm so boerd that I'm gonna do another story time. Well I dont know you would call it a story time but i'm gonna write a story so it should count. ... So what should I write about i'm a good writer and I can change any idea. But i'm out of ideas BUT heres where you guys come in I NEED IDEAS REALLY REALLY BAD leave a comment on what I should write about and we'll see if your idea gets chosen! Now LEAVE COMMENTS LIKE CRAZY PEOPLES

Sunday, December 27, 2009


Those are the group pictures. They hold probally about 1/3 of all the peoples that came through all today.
Hey peoples. I'm still super pumped from the awesome party I just logged off from. I'll explian. It was in Ravenwood Vampire realm 1 and It was SWEET dude there were peoples everywere and we were playin' tag, chatting, and setting up pvp dules and all sorts of fun stuff! You SO should have been there dudes it was RAD! I got some pretty good pictures check them out!

Friday, December 25, 2009

Romor Has It...

Hey guys. Merry Christmas!
I just heard this It's romored that the peeps at kingsile at the same time that they give us five more levels are going to give us a quest to visit the gravesite for Silvia Drake. I'm pretty sure it goes as fallows.

First you have to complete the quest to kill Malistire Drake. Then you go and report to headmaster Ambrose about the fall of Malistire once you've done that he gives you a new quest THE NEW QUEST on the quest you firstly have to go talk/battle Cyrus Drake into telling you where Silvia Drake is buried.when you talk/battle that out of him you need to go get permission from Moolinda Wu to dig under the school of life to see if the place you talked/battled out of Prof. Drake is true. When you finally fine her grave you talk to the headmaster again and he sets you up to watch over the grave in case Malistire comes to mourn. He does.

Sorry i couldn't give you more info guys i'll try to get some more

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Story Of Ravenwood

Hello peeps. welcome to my first ever Story Time! tonight we will talk about the story of Ravenwood.

here we go.

It's was a dark and stormy night and Merle Ambrose was planing on billing the 3 schools of the elements (fire, ice, and storm) as the olny kind of magic in Wizard City.
Then the Drakes showed up. Cyrus, Malistire, and Silvia Drake were at the time outlaws, practicing the magic of Myth, Death, and Life. They showed up at the headmasters house and talked (or dueled) it over and the next day the schools of Myth, Death, and Life showed up. This is now the Ravenwood we all know and love with olny one new school Balance.

I got to go i'll add more later

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

If Marleybone = London.

i just noticed thus but each one of the worlds seems to look like a place in the real world. i saw it like fallows.

Wizard City = sioux falls, SD

Krokitopia = Egypt

Marleybone = London

Moosho = Japan!!

Dragonspyre = H E double hockey sticks ( L L ) Sorry if that is offensive to anyone.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

What Is The Strongest School?

Hey guys whats up? I was eating my breakfast this morning and i was thinking What is the strongest school? i listed the pro's and con's of each school below.

Pro's (good things) Con's(bad things)
Death school: do damage to enemy,heal at the same time Under powerd spells

Life school: HEALING, good hp also Not many really powerfull spells.

Myth school: MINONS, powerful spells Not the best defence

Storm school: Awesome attack ,Bad defence

Ice school: Awesome defence and good health ,Weak attack

Fire school: Third higest power lvl ,good defence,Not sure

Balance school: has a little bit of every school ,Under powerd spells

And with this chart I came up with this conclusion: the schools are equal or very close.

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Winter Wizards Tournement

hey dudes the winter wizards tournement is going on live on December 19 at 5:00 on go check it out myth looks like its domaniting but it could change in one battle see you guys later!

Secrets Of The Storm House

hey guys sorry i haven't been posting got a little cought up in-game check it out found a cool secret thing inside the storm house look


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

SCHOOL HOUSING COMES OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey guys as you've probally guessed by the title of this post NEW SCHOOL HOUSING CAME OUT sorry i couldent tell you yesterday i was too busy farming the facelifted bosses and checking out the awesome houses go my friends check them out now!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Life House

Hi welcome to another of my trademark tours!

Two word: Moshoo Hevan
More detail: This thing is huge your house is the tree now how cool is that! Also another fearure I like about this place is that it has both a gigantic inside and outside. This place is a great space for life wizards although the wizards from other schools might not appricate it's awesomeness as much as you life wizards out there. It's is perfect though for a life wizard of any lvl and maybe wizards from other schools

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Storm House

Hi dudes i'm back as your favorite blogger (CLAP OR YOU DIE) lol jk!

This is my rundown of the storm house
Two word disrcrtipion: Storm hevan
More detial:This is deffinatly the house of a storm wizard the outside is under a constant hurricane and the inside though small is actualy perfect for a storm wizard who's on a small buget and doesn't need much space.Just to make the cozy little space a little more oh how do i say it jazzed up with a pet storm shark pet (he does like you he just doesn't show it) outside the bedroom window. All in all this is a pretty cool house that doesn't need much finerture to make it your own though small it is perfect for a wizad on a small buget.

Laterz peeps :)

My Wizards

hey guys i just thought i would introduce you to my wizards (sorry about the hand wirting not the best at it) later

Monday, December 7, 2009

Myth House

Hi again my fellow readers

I'm here to give you a break down of the Myth house

If you want a two word definiton here you go : TOTAL AWESOMENESS
well thats just for the people who want a TWO word definition for all you other peoples out there lets get into greater detail

Simply grand this place is awesome complete with a rainbow bridge, and a pleasent litle waterfall. Also who doesn't want their house stacked on the arms of a freakin cyclops carved out of stone! I'm gonna let some of this place be shrowed in mytstery for just untill you can get and see the real thig near the end of december. But i will tell you one thing this place will stun you it is simply magnicifent (still tring to get spell check for this blog)

anyway next up is storm wont that be fun check back tomarow for the storm house detial laters peeps

My Fello Bloggers

Hi Peeps
I just wanted to introduce you to some of my fello bloggers

the evil theurgist:

the friendly necromancer:

the mythspent youth: (just a heads up this guy is hilariously funny just warning you)

the awesome pryomancer:

the diary of an wizard:

ok dudes check out these sites and then come right back i mean it

Housing Recomanditions

Hi all my blogging friends out there I just wanted you to know that i disagree with the friendly Necromancers rankings on housing. Here are mine.

1: The Storm House its EPIC DUDE EPIC it's like your living in an aqureum (i've always wonderd what it felt like to be a fish:)

2: The Myth House It, like the Storm house is also epic but not as much. You have like your own zip code the place is so huge! :)

3: The Life House It's pretty awesome but I just dont like it (too much life for my taste lol) I mean it's good you gotta give props to the desingers they really out did themselfs on these houses.

4: The Ice House it's cool thats all im gonna say i haven't got much of a chance to lok around yet but when i can i will try to.

5: The Balance House A big part of the house for my is the big jugemant statue that comes out of the ground i think that its a nice touch.

6: The Death House I'm really sad about this one id of thought that the game dudes over at kingsile would have come up with something a bit more intersting for the most popluar school.

7: The Fire House This one i'm really mad about i mean come on how hard is it to make an awesome house and then set it on fire I do some designing myself and i got to say even an amuter like me could do better than what they did.

Now thats just my opinion when it comes out tell me yours i'm always open to change.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Other Dude Of Death Awesomeness

Hi agin bolg readers i wanted to introduce you to another friend of mine (drun roll please) ...................................... Galen Goldflame (clap clap) see the diffrence in reactions from Aaron Duskriver (he he he) sorry Aaron NOT lol. Galen is weaker thn Aaron and I but a lot funnier.

And guess what i just did pvp aginst Aaron and wooped his butt and he is now 5 lvls stronger then me lol (to me anyway)oh yah and earlier we ( Me' Aaron and Galen) did a race in sunken city i won agin i am so unstopable

New School Housing!!!!

Hey dudes and dudeetts (not the best speller in case you haven't cought on yet)

New school housing comes out neer the end of december merry christmas!
To look at the houses i'm gonna forward you to the friendly necromancers site. I haven't figured out how to put pics on my site YET but i will oh yes i will!
come back after you're done looking at the houses COME BACK SOON! REALLY I MEAN IT

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Duo Of Death Awesomeness

Hey My blogging friends. I thought i would introduce you to my best bud and my partner in Death awesomeness.(drum roll please) ..................Aaron Duskriver (chirp chirp) You see we are both death wizards and pretty much the same lvl. I got to say its nice to have a friend who has like the same stats and understands your drive to get the next spell people from the other schools dont really understand that drive the you have. To sum it all up its good to have a friend in the same school who is the same lvl as you.

I also have to list the cons of having a friend in the same school who is the same lvl as you. For one we always are having a compatition to see who is stronger it gets trieing. Another did i say it before? WE ARE SUPER COMPETIVE I rember one time we both started sunken city at the same time to see who could get to grubb first (I won by the way)

Later my friends i got to go

It's My First Post!

Waz up blogger readers. I'm blogging about my exiperinces on wizard 101 the most awesomest game ever! I think i should start out by telling you a little about myself. I have 4 people you will hear tales from all of them

First and Strongest - Dustin Griffinflame lvl. 21 Death. Secontdary school: Storm

Secont and lifeest (dont know if thats even a word)- Edward Ghostblood lvl. 18 Life secontdary school:Balance

Third and coolest-Cody Shadowthief lvl.6 Ice secontadary school:Storm

Fourth and fireest(agin not sure if thats a word)- Flint Fireflame lvl.3 Fire (bet thats a shocker) secontadary school: ?