Saturday, January 16, 2016

A Late New Years! Part 2: Goals and Resolutions

Hey y'all! I thought this had posted on the 10th but when I checked back today it hadn't so I'm sorry!

Part 2 of our already critically acclaimed new years series is here, with 100% more goals.

My goals for Wizard101 are to get Sam through the entire game. That includes the 3rd arc as it stands and all the side worlds, including any updates we may get throughout the year. Honestly this wouldn't be too big of a feat considering that Brady and I have sped Sam and Diana through the first arc in a little under 2 months. I also want to get my life wizard, whom you haven't met yet, through the 1st arc and possibly the 2nd arc, depending on how much free time I have.

Brady's goals for Wizard101 are to stay on par with Sam (so finishing the 3rd arc) and continue to his gardening and pet training. He really loves Pebbles and wants to get Pebbles to Mega. 

So that's our goals! 
We hope you enjoyed our lengthier editorial earlier this week, let me know what you think about it!

I hope to do more pieces like that about all sorts of games, so tell me what games you'd like me to cover! Our regular Wizard101 content will continue as it is, but I hope to add more content to round ourselves out as a gaming blog

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Saturday, January 9, 2016

A late New Years! Part 1: Predictions

Hey all!

Bailey here with an old tradition a few days late... our new years predictions, resolutions, and goals!

This post turned out way longer than intended so I decided to split it into 2 parts.

Brady's predictions include a new side world (perhaps branching off of everyone's favorite world of Wysteria) and a new world in the 3rd story arc, following Grandfather Spider's footsteps after that big Polaris reveal. As for Pirate101 Brady has little hope of a major but did predict the next main Wizard101 world would be Valencia or Monquista, which would mark the first time a world went from Pirate101 to Wizard101.

While Brady's predictions for Pirate101 are bleak, or nonexistent, mine are quite a bit more grim. My prediction for Pirate101 in 2016 is that we either get something really good, or really bad. The last time Pirate101 had a major land expansion was Aquila in May of 2013, over 2 years ago. The last maintenance for Pirate101 failed to solve a major issue in their newest activity, ranked PvP, which was implemented in August 2014.
That's no new world in 2 years and no new activities in 1. Pirate101 isn't going to go on for much longer I fear, because servers are expensive and if people stop trafficking them then what's the point?

However for Wizard101 my predictions are much more delightful and closer to Brady's.
New World for sure, but if it's a side world or a story world remains to be seen. In recent years we have gotten one world per year but the placement of this year's major world update makes me wonder if that production schedule is shifting towards a 2 year cycle since Polaris was an 8 month cycle (according to the producers letter for December).
I fully expect more Rise and Destroy crossovers, such as the Frankie Forearms  in the coming new year.

As for Rise and Destroy I fully expect that to become a major focus for KingsIsle in the upcoming year. It seems to already be trending that way with the downfall of Pirate101 maintenance. 

Stay tuned for Part 2: Goals and Resolutions

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Grandmaster, Giant Casting, Gal!

It's very humbling to say that I've made it further as Diana than I ever did as Aaron Duskriver. Around this time as Aaron, I had gotten bored of the game: mainly due to the Death School's playstyle, the lack of people to help me in troubling dungeons, and overall the experience. However, without a doubt Diana has been so much fun to play, and I will continue to play her until far into the future. An Ice Wizard's playstyle is so unique to the game that it keeps it fresh and interesting. On top of that, the newly added "Team Up" function is phenomenal for help and aid in tough dungeons. Hall Monitors have kept the community nontoxic, which is great because now I feel that Wizard101 has one of the top (if not the best) MMORPG communities.

Sam and I have gotten through the first arc of Dragonspyre and plan on finishing the second arc soon. We're excited to take down Malistaire and quench the wrath of the Fire Titan. Besides that, Diana has been busy at work aiding Grandmother Raven in Wintertusk. 

Here's to the first 50 levels, and hopefully the next 55!

Diana Dreamweaver, Grandmaster Thaumaturge

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Locations: Around the Spiral

Hey y'all! Today I'm going to be starting a new series! Each post of "Around the Spiral," I will be looking at a specific topic and then picking the best of said topic from each world. To start off, I will be beginning with locations! As I am only up through Mooshu with Diana, I will as such only be covering Wizard City through Mooshu, as well as Grizzleheim and Wysteria. Without further ado, let's dive in!

Location, location, location! Wizard101 does an exceptional job at creating a lighthearted world with such great depth. Each location feels unique and different, however some stand out more than others. Today, I will be taking you to the best locations in each of the worlds around the spiral!

Wizard City—Colossus Boulevard, WC

Colossus Boulevard
Colossus Boulevard in Wizard City does an exceptional job at creating a unique area and story apart from the main questline of Wizard City. Not only did Colossus Boulevard introduce an entire new cast of creatures, that being Gobblers, but the street also introduced an entire new world: Gobblerton. This street felt so out of the ordinary in Wizard City, from the snow to the difficulty. I had a blast playing in the street, even though it was completely optional. This street was extremely humorous, challenging, and fun! It was a great way to end Wizard City.

Krokotopia—Well of Spirits, KT

Well of Spirits
I have to admit, Krokotopia is my least favorite world. The whole plot seems rushed, characters aren't memorable, and the format seems typical and boring. Three hub areas, each themed after one of the three elemental schools. That being said, the Well of Spirits was completely different from any other area, having a more death-y undertone. From the screams of those dead to the constant feuding of two rival families, this area was extremely cool to walk into (even though it takes forever to activate the three pillars just to get to it).

Dr. Von Katzenstein

Marleybone—Katzenstein's Lab, MB

Katzenstein's Lab was truly an experience. I always have so much fun in this dungeon, mainly due to its ending. I can never get tired of screaming at my friends to "Pull the lever, Kronk!" The boss is expertly put together, and I have to applaud the homage to Frankenstein. The final area of this dungeon also gives off a different vibe to the traditional Victorian Era Marleybone. My only suggestion is making the entire dungeon black-and-white. Now that'd be an experience.

Mooshu—Kembaalung Village, MS

Kembaalung Village
While not technically a part of the Mooshu world, there's no doubting that Kembaalung Village is just about as pretty as it is to say. You can tell a lot of detail went into the gorgeous little mountain cap: the sky, the landscape, and the colors create a beautiful yet haunting area for you to travel in. Besides the area itself, the Hollow Mountain is one of the most prettiest dungeons in the early game, as well as being one of the first cheating instances as well. Hollow Mountain gives off such a Nanda Parbat (from the League of Assassins) feel, it's awesome.

Grizzleheim—Ravenscar, GH

The Roost, Ravenscar
Don't worry, when I do a part two of this, Wintertusk will get its own top location. However, in the first half of Grizzleheim, Ravenscar is by far the most diverse and prettiest of the locations. While the other locations all seem to have the same Nordic summer theme, Ravenscar has three distinct zones: The Roost, a cliffside/cave system; Ravenscar Village; and the Glacial Wastes, a super-bright-white glacier north of the village. Each of these areas feel so different from one another and are unique in their own. Woo. Go Grizzleheim.

Wysteria—Pigswick Academy, WS

Pigswick Academy
This world was an annoying headache to go through, but at least it was pretty. Pigswick Academy is one of the most liveliest places in the Spiral with all the little pig students meandering around. The sheer amount of NPCs doing cool little things around the place really makes it come to life. I really wish they could do this more for other worlds. Grizzleheim has some of this, but places like the Jade Palace are really due for some revivals.

So what do you think? Do you agree with me? Disagree? What're some locations I should look forward to? Leave me a comment and join the discussion!

Diana Dreamweaver, Harbinger of Death

Thursday, December 17, 2015

It's Smaller On The Outside!

If you haven't heard the news, Harold Argleston and The Professor need your help! Until January 5th, the Lost Pages and Five B.O.X.E.S. events are underway! Diana has been catching up on all of the quests in the worlds she's completed since the events last were live. As you can see, her and Pebbles have been enjoying themselves, especially when accompanied with Halston Balestrom. Diana's also rocking her newest badge she got from taking down Declan Wyrmdust in Mooshu!

Even though I'm busy saving the past, present, and future of The Spiral, expect the first post of a new series tomorrow!

Diana Dreamweaver, Quiet Writer of Epitaphs

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Gather Round, Get Yer Crowns!

If you haven't already, enter the gift code "holidaycrowns" on and get anywhere from 250 to 60,000 crowns for FREE. Hurry on over! The code expires tonight!!

If you haven't been following the 12 Days of the Spiral, the current codes available for redemption are as follows:

Free Yuletide Pack — SPIRALGIFT
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Free Epic Item — YULEZOMG

Diana Dreamweaver, Master Thaumaturge

Saturday, December 12, 2015

Wow, Would You Look at That?

We're back!

Yup, you read that right The Stormed Youth and your favorite wizarding duo are back in the spiral and ready to be absolutely mauled by all the new stuff KingsIsle added.

From a quick glance through our blog archive (Which Brady has insisted we keep even though I think it's atrocious) you'll see that we kept posting somewhat regularly until 2014 when we just dropped off the map.

However a few months ago I saw a card at Walmart for a familiar game. I texted Brady a picture and said "Wow our childhood game looks awesome now." and we both just had to jump back into the spiral.

I couldn't remember my old account name and password (Nice job me) so I made a new account as did Brady.

Now we're back! We've actually been back in the spiral for quite some time now, as we are both level 42 and in Mooshu. We've just been waiting to see if it's plausible to think that we can eventually catch up with the current updates (You know, a level cap of 110 and like 15 worlds) and we decided that while we may not be able to catch up anytime soon we would like to continue adventuring through the spiral.

Now Brady stopped his wizard Aaron Duskriver before he even entered Dragonspyre so somewhere around level 41 or so. Currently where we're at in Mooshu we're about 5 hours of questing away from overlapping where his old character was. So that's fun.

My wizard Dustin Griffinflame made it a little bit further. Dustin was around level 57 and somewhere in Celestia, so we still have a while to go before we reach where I was.

The Next Gen 

Onto our new era of Wizards. Both Brady and I decided not to remake our original wizards quite yet, as we're saving that for a very special series later on, however we both are loving our new wizards.

Diana Dreamweaver
Sam Thunderbane
My wizard is Samuel Thunderbane (longtime readers of the blog may remember him as my alt. that overlapped Brady's main character a while ago) a balance wizard, level 42, who loves judgment and hates the look of Mooshu gear. Thank god we're getting into Dragonspyre soon.

Brady's Wizard is Diana Dreamweaver: ice wizard, level 42, striking white hair, and who's just happy to be here alongside her trusty sea dragon Pebbles. Brady on the other hand loves Mooshu and Wintertusk fashion, and makes it customary to tell me about it every time we play.

Stay tuned for exciting announcements, including another post of stuff that we missed out on during our 2 year break from the spiral, a new video series, and maybe the return of some old friends...

Hope to see y'all in the Spiral!

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Night (More Like Sunday Morning) Rants #2

Hello, fellow wizards and pirates! Welcome to Saturday Night Rants brought to you by The Stormed Youth and Jordan Seadreamer. The Stormed Youth has been a wee bit busy so you'll have to deal with me (and only me) today.

Today, I would like to complain about packs. At first, I thought they were a great idea and would really bring more interesting items in game. The idea of spending crowns on these little suckers seemed well worth it, especially for the chance to earn rare items. Soon, more and more packs were being released in the Crown shop and when they started offering other items such as permanent spells everyone went crazy for them.

 And people still do go crazy for packs. But the idea of spending all your Crowns on them is no longer very appealing and over time the rare items you have a chance of getting have been harder and harder to obtain. Now, packs have been introduced to Pirate101 and everyone is crazy about them. Surely, they will become the thing to spend your Crowns on. Sadly, KingsIsle will probably continue releasing more and more and maybe Pirate101 will be in the same boat as Wizard101.

For all the good things the packs have brought to the game, they have also brought bad things. How many people do you see in the Commons begging unknown people to gift them packs? People are having a hard time controlling themselves and once they buy one they just can't resist the temptation of buying more. It's kind of like people who are obsessed with gambling. They gamble, they lose, but they can't help buy gamble again. I've seen people spend 120,000 Crowns+ and get nothing significant. While it may be their fault that they continued to purchase with the risk of not getting anything valuable, KingsIsle is still partially to blame. The packs are pretty much encouraging kids to gamble. How are little kids supposed to know that they're throwing away their Crowns and that they might not even get what they want? I had to personally train my brother and tell him that he must not blow all his crowns on packs and that he should put a pack buying limit.

Packs wouldn't be such a problem for some people if there were an option to disable yourself from buying packs from the Crowns shop. If parents so desired, maybe they could disable the option of buying packs (or any other items for that matter) in the Crowns shop for their kids to show them that they need to learn to have control over how much to spend/buy. When they do show positive behavior, allow them to buy 2, maybe 3.

Even though there's a bad side to packs, there's always a good side. There's new mounts being introduced into the game, and packs are encouraging people to buy Crowns which in turn allows KingsIsle to make a profit and pay for server maintenance and other important necessities that allow KingsIsle to continue expanding Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Would you like to share your opinion on this matter? Sound off in the comments below! Make sure to keep your comments relatively anger free though.

Until next Saturday,
happy spiraling!