Wednesday, July 16, 2014

So is this even still a thing?

Went on to clean out my old blog list and this blog had, by far, the most page views. 41,000.

That's a lot.
Thank you so much for putting up with all the scene phases and terrible spelling and overall stupid fun that made this blog the thing it is today.

Thank you.

I figured I'd just make a little update post on where we are now

You can  find both me (Bailey, Kyonite) and Firezilla (Brady, Bubba The Elf, BubbaZero) over on a YouTube channel called Shadowtinted, we post games and theme days and much much more. It's small now but with your help and views we can make it even better!

Also Brady is developing a game called The Legacy of the Occult which you can find and follow on GameJolt here.

We are debating about starting a Podcast and would really enjoy your feedback. Tell us in the comments down below, what would you most like to see in a podcast? Keep in mind it wouldn't be Wizard101 or Pirate101 specific.

See you on the flip side,
The Stormed Youth
The Woman of Many Names

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Saturday Night (More Like Sunday Morning) Rants #2

Hello, fellow wizards and pirates! Welcome to Saturday Night Rants brought to you by The Stormed Youth and Jordan Seadreamer. The Stormed Youth has been a wee bit busy so you'll have to deal with me (and only me) today.

Today, I would like to complain about packs. At first, I thought they were a great idea and would really bring more interesting items in game. The idea of spending crowns on these little suckers seemed well worth it, especially for the chance to earn rare items. Soon, more and more packs were being released in the Crown shop and when they started offering other items such as permanent spells everyone went crazy for them.

 And people still do go crazy for packs. But the idea of spending all your Crowns on them is no longer very appealing and over time the rare items you have a chance of getting have been harder and harder to obtain. Now, packs have been introduced to Pirate101 and everyone is crazy about them. Surely, they will become the thing to spend your Crowns on. Sadly, KingsIsle will probably continue releasing more and more and maybe Pirate101 will be in the same boat as Wizard101.

For all the good things the packs have brought to the game, they have also brought bad things. How many people do you see in the Commons begging unknown people to gift them packs? People are having a hard time controlling themselves and once they buy one they just can't resist the temptation of buying more. It's kind of like people who are obsessed with gambling. They gamble, they lose, but they can't help buy gamble again. I've seen people spend 120,000 Crowns+ and get nothing significant. While it may be their fault that they continued to purchase with the risk of not getting anything valuable, KingsIsle is still partially to blame. The packs are pretty much encouraging kids to gamble. How are little kids supposed to know that they're throwing away their Crowns and that they might not even get what they want? I had to personally train my brother and tell him that he must not blow all his crowns on packs and that he should put a pack buying limit.

Packs wouldn't be such a problem for some people if there were an option to disable yourself from buying packs from the Crowns shop. If parents so desired, maybe they could disable the option of buying packs (or any other items for that matter) in the Crowns shop for their kids to show them that they need to learn to have control over how much to spend/buy. When they do show positive behavior, allow them to buy 2, maybe 3.

Even though there's a bad side to packs, there's always a good side. There's new mounts being introduced into the game, and packs are encouraging people to buy Crowns which in turn allows KingsIsle to make a profit and pay for server maintenance and other important necessities that allow KingsIsle to continue expanding Wizard101 and Pirate101.

Would you like to share your opinion on this matter? Sound off in the comments below! Make sure to keep your comments relatively anger free though.

Until next Saturday,
happy spiraling!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Saturday Rants! #1

As I was on twitter last night I noticed something. Other people wanted to rant like I did. So.... I'd like to rant. Because I can.

My rant today is about a touchy subject, the community.  More specifically, the good, the bad, and the ugly.
Hold on to your wizarding caps folks, you're in for a rapid ride.
(The Good part is for me to start of by saying I love the community. The Bad is for things that mildly annoy me. The Ugly is for things that disgust me.)

The Good: Let me just say this right away, I think the community is awesome. There are a lot of awesome and nice people who dedicate their own time, and sometimes money, to helping players make their way through the games and enjoy it too. I seriously love the community.

The Bad: I wish more people agreed with me on this but I gotta say, there is a bad side to out community. As much as most would love to ignore it. I feel like its time address it. There are bad people in every community but I feel like it hurts ours more since we have such a wide age group.

If you say you're gonna help someone, Actually help them. It's a waste of their time if you say you're gonna help them with some instance or boss fight. If they had to travel to the place, find the right realm, wait maybe 5-10 minutes for you to show up, then maybe 5-10 minutes for them to get that you're not showing up. Stop it. If you're strong enough to help them you're probably strong enough to end the battle semi-quickly. 
Foul language. Like I said, we have a wide age group here, let's try to keep chat clean. If you really feel the need to swear at least just say nonsense like I do "Oh fudging fell." "Shiz!" or other random stuff. I just mutter nonsense and pound keys when I'm mad. (Note: the result is something like this. safhjksafhsajkhfsajkfmnsahjkufhsalfshjkfhsfaljkfas"FUDGING FLIPPING FLOSSING FOUGHERS." Yeah..... I don't know either.)

(If I offend you in this section I'm seriously sorry. From the bottom of my heart. I really am.)

The Ugly: This is the part I'm worried about getting in trouble for. There are people out there who are very offensive.
Just yesterday someone on twitter revealed that they have been getting blackmailed for being gay.
I see no, literally zero reason, for anyone to think that being gay is a bad thing. One of my best friends is gay and he's the nicest, most understanding, person I have ever met.
Also, this person is a prominent community figure. They run a blog, they help people out, they host contests.
Are you trying to make them stop being nice? Like seriously. Why anyone would do this is beyond me.

So that's the end of my rant...

Next Saturday my friend Jordan Seadreamer will rant because she likes to rant too (and because I will be in DisneyWorld). Rant buddies! For the win! Then for the 3rd Saturday we will rant together. 2 rants... for the price of one. What a deal!
So that's all I guess. Hope you enjoyed reading my rant.
Have something you think we should rant about? Tell us on twitter! We are @TheStormedYouth and @JordanSeaWiz
You feel like we were wrong about whatever it was we ranted about? Rant it out in the comment section.
That's all for this Saturday's rant! Keep on  ranting!
(>^_^)> Hugs from Storm!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shadow Reviews: James Bond: Skyfall

First of all 4 of 5 stars.
Honestly, loved it to death. Until the end. Then it got a little Home Alone-ish with the rigging of the house to explode and crap. Then basically crap happens, the bad guy dies (Spoiler Alert) M dies, and Bond lives to fight another day.

Plot of every James Bond movie ever. Explained.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Unfortunate News

I have really bad news. My dad has Diverticulitis (basically stuff goes outside his colon) so I won't be able to post (And I was actually planning on posting a new series soon)....

On the bright side I might be able to stream more often and I might introduce my dad to video games so yay for Storm's Dad being turned into a gamer, weather he likes it or not.

So yeah, just a short post explaining whats going on in my life.

[Firezilla Update]:  I also have some stuff going on in my life, which makes my life extremely stressful. I won't be able to post for a while as well, until these issues subside. However, I will be streaming as well, and I will be letting you guys know when on the blog!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Progress, I say!

So hey guys! It's been awhile hasn't it! Well I am so glad to say that I am back from my rabbit hole and here to talk to you guys about my Pirate101 fanfiction!

The Red Baron:

My concept for this story was to sort of include all of The Red Hunter's main story line while still having that custom conflict that Red is going through. This is his story. It tells of him when he was a child being sent off to his uncle's to live. His uncle was the commander for the one-hundred and seventy-ninth regiment of the Marleybone Royal Navy. Red lived with his cousin Gruesome Oliver, and they became as close as brothers. One day however, on a trip back from Krokotopia for a supply run, they found a stowaway. After a long quarrel, the stowaway identifies herself as Reckless Elizabeth. Her and Red bond greatly, and become best friend. When they both went with Gruesome Oliver and his uncle to go to a diplomatic supply run to Skull Island, they get bombarded and raided by the Armanda. All of them are taken prisoner and taken away into different parts of the Spiral. Finally, after long last, Red, Liz, and Oliver are rescued at the hands of Captain Avery. After they settle down in Skull Island, Red and Liz go to stop the Armanda, while Oliver says that he's going to go his own way in order to track down and find his father, which is Red's uncle.

This is the basics of the first few chapters, what do you think? I should have the first chapter done by the end of November!

Leave a comment on what you think! Thanks!


Saturday, November 3, 2012

Revived "Series" #1: Xtra Games!

Hey guys!
     So if you have been reading this blog before our break, you probably remember us having a separate blog dedicated to Wizard101 related games called "Xtra Games Online" or XGO for short. Unfortunately, a long while ago our server provider was shut down, and as a result, our games were lost. Since then, XGO has become less and less, until finally closing earlier this month. As I said in my goals for 2012, I want to bring back two old series. The first one being Xtra Games Online, but better. I don't know what to call it quite yet, but know I hope to include Java capabilities once it's fully operational. It will be hosted hopefully right here, on The Stormed Youth! I understand that If I do develop more than one game, It will get crowded on just one dedicated page, but fear not! I will hopefuly have a 'Table of Contents' and 'Top of Page' system running on that page. Let Project Games101 begin!